1968 – 1977 GTO/Lemans Aluminum Radiator HD – 800 Horsepower


1968 – 1977 GTO/Lemans Aluminum Radiator HD – 800 Horsepower

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This it our heavy duty all aluminum radiator for the 1968 – 1977 Pontiac Lemans/GTO that use the 28-1/4″ wide core radiator. If you’re sick of getting Chevy left overs for your Pontiac then this is the radiator you need. Usually A-body GM radiators are universal fits. What that means is for your Pontiac engine, it usually comes with hose adapters and a bunch of extra fittings and plugs on the radiator.

Extra stuff you don’t need and hose adapters = UGLY.

This radiator is made specifically for the Pontiac 326-455 engine and has the correct size hose connections, transmission cooler fittings and large GS transmission cooler.

It’s made with proven 2-rows of 1-1/4″ tubes that is proven to out cool 3-row and 4-row aluminum radiators by a substantial amount. Made to cool up to 800 horsepower.

– Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects.

– Polished die formed tanks to give your ride the vintage style with modern high efficiency cooling technology.

– All aluminum construction with a heavy duty 2-row core with 1-1/4″ tubes.

– Billet CNC machined filler neck – no cheap stamped filler neck. A new cap is included.

– Fully TIG welded construction with no epoxy.

– Upper hose connection is 1-9/16, lower is 1-5/8.

– Core dimensions are 28-1/4″ wide x 17-1/4″ tall. Overall dimensions 33″ wide x 19″ high.

– Will reliably cool up to 800 Pontiac V8 horsepower, 1000 Chevy horsepower.