1/4″ NPT Consumable Electrode


1/4" NPT Consumable Electrode

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This 1/4" NPT consumable anode is a MUST HAVE on any vehicle that is at risk for electrolysis. A partial list of high risk vehicles includes:

C4. C5 and C6 Corvettes
4th Gen Fbodies
S10 V8 engine swaps
LSX engine swaps
Jeep YJ Wranglers
Any fuel injected engine swap with a cut up OEM wiring harness
Any swap performed with lots of booze involved in the swap process
Prevent death by electrolsyis to your radiator by installing this anode in place of the drain cock. It threads in place of the drain cock and this $5 piece can save you all kinds of problems associated with excessive electrical current in your cooling system. As a reminder, our warranty does not cover electrolysis.